Bangladesh Goes DESERT: Jurawatt Surges Forward into Another New Market


In a move that continues the recent upward trend of international deal-making, Jurawatt is delighted to confirm the sale of an entire container of DESERT solar modules to Bangladesh. It is hoped that this demonstrable commitment on the part of the Bangladeshis to increasing the efficiency of their solar energy generation will open the door to a long and fruitful working relationship with Jurawatt. The announcement comes on the heels of similar negotiations with Jordan, Pakistan, and Nigeria, and reaffirms the quality and true global appeal of the innovative DESERT technology.

The proprietary solar cell technology is part of an ongoing development initiative from J. v. G. Thoma, with Jurawatt acting as distributor to ensure that countries the world over are able to benefit from technological innovations seven years in the making. Whilst typical solar cells are capable of delivering consistent results in the temperate climes of western Europe, the industry has long struggled with effectively generating power from areas of constant sunlight due to the severity of the temperatures in these often arid landscapes. Studies have shown that standard photovoltaic panels begin to see a degradation in performance after a decade of exposure to these conditions, severely reducing the cost-effectiveness of their implantation.

After extensive testing, the precision engineering that powers the DESERT module has been found to offer efficient and degradation-free performance in temperatures of up to 125 degrees. In Bangladesh, where summertime daily averages frequently top 40 degrees and rainfall outside of the monsoon season is a rarity, this technology offers an ideal solution. Not only will the dry heat prove no obstacle to performance, but qualities inherent to the manufacturing of the panels ensure optimum power yield and a competitive price to performance ratio.

With the DESERT technology potentially underpinning Bangladeshi solar generation for years to come, the future looks bright for both Jurawatt and the country as a whole.

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