CAS² computer-aided solar structure: Intersolar Award 2018 was given to Krinner Solar


Straßkirchen – 26 June 2018: At this year Intersolar Europe in Munich awards were handed over to the top innovations of 2018 in Solar. Krinner Solar was awarded for its “CAS² computer-aided solar structure”. Krinner Solar, Germany, got the award for a new installation process for PV systems using integrated hardware and software tools for the design and planning of large scale PV plants. The innovative solution was chosen as an important step towards the digitalization of the energy provided by solar. The award jury recognizes the solution as an important innovation for a new energy world. Krinner Solar is leading in the installation of solar parks in all soil classes with ultimate precision. The company does so by using screw foundations as well as machinery and robots that it has developed itself.
Michael Krinner, Chief Executive Officer, Krinner Solar: “We are very proud receiving this award. We have developed a new installation process with our Krinner Cloud software and our machines that reduces the time for installing large scale PV systems by 10 – 30 percent. An important step to reduce renewable energy costs further”.
The full solution consists of a central database combining all collected data. This includes the digital design, development, and installation applications for all kinds of ground-screw-based solar structures in all soil types. Every step of planning, production and installation is reported online and documented in a central database, allowing specified reports to fulfill bank, insurance companies, and operator requirements. Mapping data created by drones and surveying robots are used to control the installation robots and vary the length of the screws, reducing steel consumption by 3 to 6 percent.
The product CAS² optimizes the highly precise manufacture of support systems for free-standing PV installations. After the 3D-based system design has been drawn up, individual and optimized plans are prepared for every PV project and the installation robots are controlled with pinpoint accuracy. The CAS² computer-aided solar structure is used long before the start of large PV projects crating a closed loop between planning, production schedule, delivery and installation.

KRINNER – A Global Partner for Innovative Solutions
The company Krinner was founded in 1994. Led by innovation and economic common sense, it develops, plans and realizes major projects. As a reliable partner and all-round project planner, Krinner Solar’s experts supply custom-made, cost-optimized solutions right the way down the line, from plant planning and installation through to servicing. To protect its technologies, it holds over 150 patents on its various ideas and solutions.
As well as the screw foundations, Krinner Solar has developed GPS-controlled robots that can suitably survey a site. The newly developed surveying and drilling solutions take place fully automatically, without operating personnel. Projects are planned and managed directly using separate cloud solutions. The use of cutting-edge hardware and software achieves high daily installation rates.

In 2017 Krinner Solar won the contract to participate in the planned 1,177-megawatt photovoltaic power plant Abu Dhabi. Construction of the solar park is due for completion in 2018. Grid connection of the photovoltaic system is equally planned for 2018.

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