The BestRES Project Group will organize a Workshop on the occasion of the European Utility Week


Munich, October 25, 2018

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The BestRES Project Group will organize a Workshop on the occasion of the European Utility Week

Date and Location: 06 Nov 2018 / From 13:00 to 18:00, European Utility Week - Schubert room 2, Vienna, Austria

The BestRES Project Group will organize an European Workshop on the occasion of the European Utility Week on November 06, 2018.
The BestRES project aims to develop innovative business models for the integration of renewable energy sources by aggregating distributed generation such as wind, PV, biogas, biomass, hydro, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and combining this with demand side management and energy storage. The main objective of the BestRES project is to improve the role of renewable energy aggregators in future electricity market design.

The BestRES project is coordinated by WIP – Renewable Energies, Munich, Germany. The consortium is represented by 11 partners operating in 9 European Countries: United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and France.

Background BestRES

European electricity markets were historically designed around centralized and mostly fossil-fuel generation. The electricity market landscape is however changing because the growth in renewable energy is increasing the share of intermittent electricity and price volatility in the power system.

In this framework, the market integration of intermittent electricity from renewable energy sources cannot be achieved by single individual, commercial or domestic consumers since they would only have a limited impact. It is only through a coordinated steering of vast amounts and types of consumers and producers in a market that the use of distributed generation, demand side management and energy storage can be effective. Therefore, there is an important role for renewable energy aggregators who act on behalf of consumers.

Background European Utility Week

EUW is your platform to meet top-level European energy professionals and do business, form new relationships and drive new projects forward.

European Utility Week is your platform for achieving a fully integrated and interconnected electricity system and market in Europe. We host the environment for all key players in the smart energy ecosystem to come together and discuss European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply.

More information about the BestRES workshop, agenda and registration form are available at:
The participation is free of charge, but registration is mandatory.
More Information about the BestRES Project:

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