"Solar Technology for the World":
Trade Fair Intersolar 2001 Presents World Wide Solar Technology for the First Time

Press Release Intersolar 2001

The international trade fair and conference for solar technology, Intersolar 2001, held for the second time in Freiburg from 6th until 8th July in Germany, takes place against an increasingly international trade for solar technology. The special exhibition "Solar Technology for the World Market" presents for the first time products suitable exclusively for applications inside and outside of Europe. Its aim is to improve the transparency of the export sector which is becoming more and more important, and to promote contacts between the solar industry's suppliers and multipliers. "The special exhibition Solar Technology for the World Market is a new focus which is going to make the trade fair even more attractive to experts from all over the world," explains Gerhard Stryi-Hipp, managing director of the German Professional Association for Solar Energy (DFS). Mr Stryi-Hipp shares the organisation of the special exhibition with Solar Promotion und Messe Freiburg. The DFS will be offering a symposium lasting half a day, informing about the situation of solar technology around the world.

The market for photovoltaics and solar thermal technology has shown growing sales figures for years. In the 90ies, the world market for photovoltaic modules grew by an annual 15%, in the year 2000 the growth rate was even 40%. The European market for solar glazed collectors grew by 18% in the 90ies, and by 30% in 2000.The sales figures of all photovoltaics cell and module producers in the world are currently almost US$ 1 bio per year. The total performance of all systems installed in one year is 280 Megawatts.
Photovoltaic System for three Houses at Sansinbar. Foto: energiebau köln

Photovoltaic System

The global solar industry has at last left its niche existence. The increasing international importance of the solar market led to the special exhibition "Solar Technology for the World Market" being presented at Intersolar 2001 in Freiburg.

The comprehensive presentation of possible applications of solar technology all over the world will at last make the export market for solar technology transparent and clear for decision-makers, multipliers and companies. An accompanying catalogue listing exporting companies will make it easier for potential German and international customers to find a suitable business partner. "The special exhibition is designed as a contact market for suppliers, potential customers, multipliers and representatives of exporting companies, and will thus promote the network of the international solar industry," says Mr Stryi-Hipp.

The special exhibition focuses on four areas: solar thermal installations and grid-connected photovoltaic systems for the European market, solar thermal installations for solar cooling and photovoltaic stand-alone systems for the world-wide market. Products of the first two areas can be found in the German market, whereas installations for solar cooling and PV stand-alone systems, so-called "Solar Home Systems" are regarded as typical products for Mediterranean and the developing countries.

Exhibitors of the special exhibition include: Würth Solar, Steca, Solar World, Solar-Fabrik, Fraunhofer ISE, Suntechnics and EG Solar. The product range on show goes from PV stand-alone systems, solar-powered cooling systems and solar cookers to high temperature collectors.

Water Storage Tank with Photovoltaic Pump System. Foto: Sunset Energietechnik.

Photovoltaic Pump System

Sunset Energietechnik will present their "Sun Power Roof", a system which uses a high-temperature collector to convert solar heat into solar cooling, even generating power from the surplus energy. "The installation is suitable for large office buildings or shopping malls in Mediterranean countries, where a lot of energy is used on air conditioning", explains Olaf Fleck, managing director of Sunset and member of the board of DFS. energie bau köln, who mainly export their products to Central Africa, will present PV stand-alone systems for the supply of isolated villages, pumping systems for drinking water and mobile PV systems for local power supply. Michael Schäfer, managing director of energie bau Köln, has a particular interest in the "Solar Coach", a PV learning set with a solar module and measuring technology because "solar technology can only gain acceptance in developing countries if local experts are trained".
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