Solarserver Archive: professional articles on fuel cell

50-cell fuel cell stack from ZSW Ulm with a 1 kW output. Fuel Cell Research and Development in Southern Germany Research facilities and companies are searching for the energy carriers of the future: Southern Germany is working on the link between (solar) hydrogen and the economy. In Baden-Wuerttemberg's capital city, Stuttgart, and its surroundings, high-tech is at the forefront - not only in colleges and research laboratories, but also in medium-sized companies and industry. Supported by the Business Promotion Association of the Stuttgart Region, these facilities are building a so-called cluster, which is working on the fuel cell and its practical use.
NECAR 4, the first fuel cell automobile suitable for daily use. Fuel Cells and Solar Hydrogen- A Power Package for the Future? Hydrogen and oxygen react in the fuel cell and bond into water over a thin, permeable membrane. If the needed hydrogen could be obtained through solar energy, this secondary energy source would become an important alternative for the power supply of the future: environmentally friendly and pollutant free.

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