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Photovoltaic innovations from site analysis to system optimisation: Intersolar Award for young enterprises and new solutions Photovoltaic innovations from site analysis to system optimisation: Intersolar Award for young enterprises and new solutions Intersolar Award 2009: Solarserver is proud to present the excellent photovoltaic innovations of Aerowest GmbH (AeroSolar software), National Semiconductor Corp. (SolarMagic energy management) and SOLON SE (SOLON Black 160/05 photovoltaic in-roof system) after a first review.
Zero-energy house with photovoltaics and heat pump

Zero-energy house with photovoltaics and heat pump
With solar panel positioning, good heat insulation and energy-efficient heating technology, energy consumption of the house of the Purpers in Eltville-Rauenthal/Rhine (Germany) is reduced significantly to such an extent that the solar power generated on the roof with a photovoltaic system (7.5 kWp) equals energy consumption.

Solar Architecture: juwi headquarters featuring the world’s most energy-efficient office building In July 2008 the juwi group relocated its offices to a new building in Wörrstadt, presents the innovative and exemplary energy concept and its components as "Solar Energy System of the Month" in December 2008.
Building-integrated photovoltaics – a niche market with ample opportunities Building-integrated photovoltaics – a niche market with ample opportunities In co-operation with the Economic Forum (London, Munich and Bozen) the Solarserver points out in its Solar Report 11/2008 the BIPV markets in Europe, as well as the costs of BIPV, it shows hurdles in the process of winning market share and outlines the target groups for marketing and distribution.
Solar power system integrated into a roof in Muggensturm near Rastatt (Germany). Building integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV): Solar electric power systems conquer large roofs and façades Since the beginning of 2007 photovoltaic records are going from strength to strength The Solar Report presents some examples of high-output photovoltaic solar roofs, innovative solar power façades and a brief outlook on the future integration of photovoltaics into buildings.
Operator Bucher; Vegetable Oil CHP, Electricity and heat from the sun and salad oil The engineering graduate from Stuttgart, Martin Bucher, operates a power station, from in his own house, that heats the building as well as the indoor swimming pool throughout the year and, in addition, generates electricity for approximately six families. The combined vegetable oil Heat and Power Unit (CHP) is run with cold-pressed canola (salad oil) from farmers of the region. Addi-tional heat is provided by solar thermal collectors on the roof.
Biohouse building with solar roof tiles on a monopitch roof, Solar Roof Tile Exhibition shows developments in photovoltaic roofing In an exhibition the company Biohaus PV Handels GmbH presents the history of solar roof tiles over the past 15 years. With its zero-energy office building the photovoltaic system integrator located in Paderborn demonstrates, since the beginning of 2005, versatile and innovative solutions for the integration of solar technology.
Sun installation in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. Sun, Light and Heat: Light Control and Optimizing Energy in Offices and Other Buildings Daylight is solar energy. This is a trivial statement but comes lightly to the background when speaking of solar energy use. Photovoltaic modules and solar collectors make the sun's energy usable, but technologies that provide for optimal light efficiency in buildings and that make "living and working with the sun" enjoyable also use solar energy. effective daylight use and control as well as energy optimizing are the characteristics of three buildings that we present in cooperation with the BINE Information Service (BINE Informationsdienst).
The area "Auf Schalke" Building Solar: The Prospects and Costs of Living with the Sun On the seventh and eighth of December 2001, 100 experts discussed the cost effectiveness of low- and zero-energy emission buildings. EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Solar Energy (europäische Vereinigung für Sonnenenergie), held the conference in which the theory and practice of energy-saving construction was to be discussed.
The new Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems. Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme (ISE)) in New Quarters
For some weeks now, the approximately 300 employees of the Freiburg, Germany Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Freiburger Instituts für Solare Energiesysteme (ISE)) have been working under one roof. In light of the field of activity of the institute, it is then understandable that solar collectors are on the roof and photovoltaic modules are mounted on the façade.
The passive house "Pree" near Linz, Austria: all the outer walls and the underside of the pitched roof are glazed.

Building with the Sun: Solar Façades Insulate with Sunlight The development of ESA-Energiesysteme (Energy Systems) Aschauer Ltd; in Linz, Austria, unites the characteristics of traditional thermal insulation with the storage of solar energy in the wall. The difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors is basically offset. The walls turn into a warm shell of the building. During the winter time an average temperature difference of approximately 18° Celsius is reached between the comb and the outer wall.

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